How Do I Add a Course to My Profile?

How Do I Add a Course to My Profile?

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to add course content to your Profile. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account and Select the Level located at the top left beside the Flow Study LOGO,
                 then the Grades you want to access contents for.  All courses assigned to that grade level will populate.

Step 2: Choose the course you wish to add by clicking 'Start Curriculum"

Step 3:  You will then be brought to the curriculum page where you will click "Enroll Now".  
                  By doing this the course will be added to  "My Courses" 

Step 4: Congratulations! Your course is added. Click on "My Courses"  to see all your courses.
                   Click "Start Course" to start learning at your own pace, the Flow Study way.

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