What Course Content is Available to me?

What Course Content is Available to me?

All courses on the platform will consist of modules populated with one (1) or more of the following:
  1. Videos
  2. Quizzes. End-of-chapter quizzing questions
  3. Question Bank: Learner Mode or Test Mode 
The content of the course is dependent on the subject type. 

Video and Quiz​zes
There are over 50 video-based lessons per subject, and a corresponding 10-15 question multiple choice quiz at the end of each lesson. 

Question Bank- Learner Mode or Test Mode.
Question bank is available for all subjects with many questions in each subject bank.
In Learner Mode, the Quiz not timed
The user is allowed to complete the test at their pace. Users are encouraged to enter a response before moving on to the next question.
In test mode, the Quiz is timed.
The user must make an attempt to complete all questions within the specified time.
Failure to do so will result in the quiz being submitted without a registered response.
This will affect the outcome of the result and test will reflect as incomplete.

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